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Port Functions


            As a National Grade 2 port with on-site Chinese Customs Office, all customs related matters such as customs inspection, quarantine and border inspection can be handled here.

           In 2001, the Chinese Customs selected the Leliu port as the pilot port for cutting down the time of customs clearance. The new customs clearance process is expected to reduce the container opinion up rate for checking, reduce cost and speed up the process of customs clearance. The inspection and quarantine departments have built a full-container inspection chamber which functions as a greenhouse for the inspection of containers of imported/exported fruit and flora, in order to ensure a high survival rate of imported/exported agricultural by-products during the Customs inspection process.           


Leliu Port Customs Office Towe

Leliu Port Customs Declaration Hall

Customs declarations made by the declaration agencies of Leliu Town stationed at Leliu Port

Customs Inspection Hall

Inspection applications made by the declaration agencies of Leliu Town.

maritime affairs watercraft visa

frontier defence examine office

“X-Ray”Scanning Machine is installed

inspection of containers of imported/exported fruit and flora.

Customs Inspection and Clearance Platform

Advanced Container-Checking System (Electronic Gate).

Fumigation Zone

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